Let's Get This Party Started

by Anne Howie

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Product Description

Wherever you are on your party plan journey, this book will give you ideas, inspiration and tools to get your business skyrocketing.

This book is a complete guide to success in your Home Selling business. Whether you are planning to earn a little extra income or to build a Party Plan Empire this book can take you there - by the shortest and simplest possible route.

There is something here for everyone - no matter what stage of the business you are in. Templates introduced in the book are available for download free of charge so you can use and adapt them for your own business.

What People Are Saying...

"I loved Anne Howie's book 'Let's Get This Party Started'. Anne has a way of drawing you into the pages so that you want to continue to read, learn, and take action. This book is a motivating, practical and inspirational guide to success in the party plan profession."

With Gratitude,
Grace Keohohou - Co-Founder of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance


"I am booked out for 6 weeks in advance, my sales are great and I am getting at least 1 lady at every party asking me if they can join my team :-) WOW! From stay at home mum to business builder in less than a year! No one is more surprised than me when at our meetings i am asked how I am doing so well?! Could have done it without your wonderful book? I think not! I carry it everywhere and constantly go over it for inspiration & guidance!"

Alison Bowsher, Esteem Jewellery Consultant, Australia


"I would like to thank you for a fantastic book.

Your book makes understanding all the secret hints and tips with party plan for new consultants easy.

Quite a few of our consultants have purchased your book and I know a lot of our Team Managers have put a lot of your ideas into practice. We have seen our party averages and bookings go through the roof with just a few new ideas.

Thank you again for providing us with an invaluable resource for our industry."

Dannielle Bradley, National Manager, Flaschengeist, Australia


"I purchased your book a couple of weeks ago and can confess that I can only read a few pages at a time or I cant cope with the amount of ideas that I need to put in place for my team!! I now send out a tip of the day to my team every day!"

Claire Bennett, Area Manager, The Body Shop at Home, UK


"Anne Howie has presented the fundamentals of Party Plan selling in a succinct, easy to read format that puts together much of what you need to be successful in this business.

I recently ordered our first 150 copies because I believe all Bessemer distributors should have this book. It's as good as a training manual!"

John McLean, Managing Director, Bessemer Sales


"Anne Howie's book 'Let's Get This Party Started' has proven to be such a success with our sales consultant in Australia. There are not many books on Party Plan, but this one is produced in such a manner of easy reading and understanding with the needs and wants of how to be a successful consultant.

I have had such positive feedback from our sales team, and have been asked to place additional orders for her book so that our managers can share it with their sales team."

Stephen Wilson, Managing Director, Postie Fashions Australia


"Reading this and putting into practice the things Anne suggests you do has got my business off the ground.

The parties are now coming in without having to go out there and do heaps of hard work chasing.

I went from having just one party in my 3 week line up to having 9 parties.

Simple things such as having hostess vouchers and booking slips to hand out during the party presentation so they have it visually there in front of them is so much more tempting than just being told about what you can have? It really works!!

I am so excited about using so much of the useful information from this fantastic book to make my business work for me!

I can't recommend enough to read her book if you want your business to succeed!"

Trudie Smith, The Jewel Company


"I started reading your book last night. (I read your warning about not doing it at night but couldn't stop as I was so EXCITED!!)

I haven't read a book in over 2 years. I often start books & put them down. But last night had to force myself to put the book down otherwise I would have read the whole thing. The chapter on How is your Head was like a light going on.

Once again thank you."

Cathy Robins, Creative Memories Consultant, New Zealand


"I received a copy of your book 'Let's Get This Party Started' this week and I have to say that it is exactly what I am looking for!!!

A few months ago I started looking for a book which I could use as the basis of our new training program and sadly there was not much available. There were plenty of books on 'selling' but none that directly related to party plan and what my reps needed in relation to improving their business.

The only books about the subject were very much centred around network marketing and that's not our focus. We want to look at our training programme as increasing our people's confidence and your book is going to be a great help in this."

Megan Van Oirschot, Managing Director, Chocoholics Anonymous, Australia


"I can't recommend this book highly enough. It has given me the confidence to launch my business and the skills to develop it further. I have gained a deeper insight of how customers' minds work and how I can deal with difficult situations. I have set goals. I am training myself to look out for opportunities everywhere I go. I am so motivated to get out there and turn my enthusiasm into success. That is directly related to Anne's sensible guidance.

I am recommending Anne's book to everyone I come across in direct selling. Even people who have been selling for years, could learn a thing or two from Anne.

Thanks for sharing what you've learned, Anne."

Fiona Smallridge, Independent Phoenix Trader, New Zealand


"I found your book through another Consultant and it is fabulous! Let's Get This Party Started is easy to read and helps me understand all sorts of things that I was struggling with in my business. Thank you for getting me excited, giving me some fabulous ideas, and helping me remember that I can kick some butt at this!"

Patty Wunder, Creative Memories Consultant, New Zealand.


"Thank you for producing such an awesome book for my Party Plan Business.

Not only did it provide me with such useful information and tips on how to grow your own business, but I lent it to a new consultant on my team to help her get over the 'I don't think I can do this' thoughts. Your answers to all these kinds of objections definitely had an impact and made the prospect of starting a new business not so daunting, but exciting!

There is one problem though - it's really difficult to get my copy of the book back because everyone wants to keep it for themselves!!"

Jenny Townsend, Chefs Toolbox Team Leader, Australia


"I wanted to drop you a quick note regarding your wonderful book. I ordered it as soon as I read about it and then waited by the mailbox. My book is now very well read, I take it in the car whenever I am taking the children to sport practice, collecting them from school and whilst I am waiting I am reading. Each time I read your wonderful book I get a new idea to put into practice. I have a note pad and a highlighter handy when I am reading. I am rebooking more hostesses and more importantly introducing more new consultants into the business.

As a Team Leader with my company Essential Additions I find your book a great help with new Consultants and full of knowledge for me to pass on to them. I recommend that any new or old consultant have a copy and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us in Party Plan Land."

Christine Holland, Team Leader, Essential Additions, Australia


"Thank you so much Anne for your fabulous book. I have been in party plan for a long time but it's easy to forget the basics. I enjoy being able to flick through the book for fresh ideas and to be reminded about the tried and tested party plan ideas that never go out of date. This book is a must for all embarking on a party plan career and a refresher for those of us who have been in the party plan business forever! Thanks so much."

Anthea Livingstone, Independent Team Manager, Mary Kay, New Zealand.


"I started reading your book last night. I read your warning about not doing at night but couldn't stop as I was so EXCITED!!)

I haven't read a book in over 2 years. I often start books & put them down. But last night had to force myself to put the book down otherwise I would have read the whole thing. The chapter on How is your Head was like a light going on."

Cathy Robins, Creative Memories Consultant, New Zealand


We'd love to hear your comments about Let's Get This Party Started. Please email Anne to tell us what you like about it, how it has helped you and how we can make the next edition even better!

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