Team Incentives

Are you are a leader in your company looking for new, motivating and inspiring gifts for your team? We've compiled a list a of suppliers used by some of the most successful leaders in the industry. If you have a great supplier that you use, email and if they meet our criteria we will add them in.


Vistaprint All your business printing needs, business cards, pens and stationery. Some even for FREE!

United States

Gifts International Manufacturers and suppliers of a huge range gift packaging,  ribbon, bows, bags and raffia.
My Girlfriends House A wide range of business aids and fun gifts.
Fine Watches Inc. Suppliers of a range of watches, jewellery and bling.
Glitz Charms, pins and jewellery, all designed for direct sellers to inspire and motivate their teams.
The Booster A fabulous range of stickers to use on your catalogues and order forms to help boost sales, booking and recruits.
Business Enhancements A huge range of generic party plan stationery to add a professional touch to your business.
Express Yourself Online Another great site for party plan stickers, gifts and display products.

Australia & New Zealand

Compendium A collection of notebooks, gift books and stationery designed to inspire and show others you care.
Awards and More A large range of promotional items, awards and trophies.
Printed Glass Ware Have designs (pictures, logos, words etc) frosted onto glass or printed onto cups.