About Anne...

Anne Howie

Anne is the party plan specialist. Learn what you need to do to take your business to the stars in your own time, in your own home with her books and free videos.

Anne Howie started out in party plan sales when her children were small, and she wanted to earn a little extra money to help give them the best start in life. She went on to achieve international success in party plan in a career spanning over a decade.

Anne started just as you did, full of excitement, unbridled passion (and, in her case terror!) about her new career and products.

Within a relatively short time she was one of the top leaders in her company, with over 100 new people joining her business every month and a business turnover in excess of $2 million.

She has won many awards particularly in recruiting, achieved 5-star trips to exotic places, been awarded expensive jewellery and gifts including brand new cars and has enjoyed experiences and adventures that many never do in their lifetime.

Not at all bad for a farmer's daughter from New Zealand!


Anne has unlimited ideas on how to make your business bigger, better and most importantly easier! She wants to help you enjoy the same personal growth, freedom and joy that Party Plan has brought her and she wants to help you shake off the things that are holding you back from being the best you can be.

Whether success to you is paying some bills, buying a new outfit, going on a holiday or building an unshakeable Business Empire, Anne can help.

Anne is sensible, down to earth and real. What she teaches in her books and videos works, and will help you achieve the success you deserve in your Party Plan business.

Anne lives in Christchurch New Zealand with Steve and 5 teenagers, and in her spare time is a karate instructor.

Here's the story of Anne's Party Plan journey

I wasn't a natural leader in my party plan business. In fact I wasn't even a natural party planner! In the beginning I was very shy, terrified of speaking in front of a group, struggled to book, had a low party average and as a result recruiting just wasn't a happening thing!

puzzleI was frustrated and on the verge of quitting many times. I have always been a little stubborn though and just didn't want to be beaten. I dug my heels in and decided to treat it as a big puzzle – kind of like a code I needed to crack.

It was very important to me that I didn't come across as pushy, as an obnoxious salesperson and I just didn't know how to be successful while still being true to myself and my own sense of being a real person who cared about others.

I read, attended seminars, listened to audios, spoke to others who were successful, regardless of what company they were from, and did all I could to find a way to book parties and recruit new consultants into my team.

Slowly I started to turn my results around and I solved the bookings problem – I also managed to start recruiting, but that was a double edged sword – all that was happening to start with was that lots of people were joining and nobody was selling anything! So, there was another puzzle I needed to solve.

I had to learn a lot about people, how to work with them and get them to connect to a vision to really want to work for themselves.

Once I sorted the basics out, it didn't take long before I qualified for leadership in my company. This was big for me. I had my group of 4 consultants and suddenly I was their leader! For some reason I really believed that this meant life was going to get easy. I thought my team would all be like me – focussed and determined to succeed. I was going to start earning 'real' money in my business.

Reality hit before I had finished the first glass of celebratory champagne!

The phone started ringing and it seemed it would never stop. My consultants were calling me, one after the other with so many problems they wanted to talk about and they seemed to want me to solve them all for them. It felt like I no sooner put the phone down from one call than it was ringing again! I needed to sort out my boundaries and rules for business, as well as my sanity.

I was spending so much time talking to people and trying to help them that my own personal business started to nose dive and along with it any income I had been hoping to receive. I was running myself ragged and actually wondered if I had suddenly become a part time babysitter and therapist!

This was not what I was expecting and once again I considered running away from my business.

But once again that stubborn streak emerged and I decided to beat this thing.

Sari AwardIt took an immense amount of energy to learn what I had to learn, but slowly my business started to take shape. Some of my ideas worked, some didn't, but we started inching towards some semblance of sanity and productivity (not to forget also income!)

Within 3 years I found myself the owner of a business that was selling around a quarter million dollars a month, breaking sales records all over the place – and I had over 100 people joining my business every month.

The brilliant thing for you, is that you don’t have to invent the wheel like I did. I am willing to share with you everything I know and everything I have learned. You don’t have to go through this painful process to get your business on track and growing strongly.

Party Plan has made my life richer, helped me develop personally in ways I can't imagine having happened in any other industry. It's improved my family lifestyle and all my relationships.

It has, quite simply, been a gift.